About Our Company

Buddy West formed Emory Hill Residential Real Estate to continue his unwavering passion and commitment to excellent service. With over 32 years of experience in the Wilmington real estate market, Buddy is synonymous with hard work, dedication and the highest ethical and business practices in all circumstances. His philosophy of exceeding the expectations of the customer is a driving force behind every satisfied buyer and seller that his company serves.
For Buddy, real estate is a life passion. The Emory Hill Residential Real Estate brand has been built on credibility, integrity, and honesty. The brand reflects high-quality marketing materials to attract notice, communicate our values, articulate our brand promise, and create memorable impressions among agents, clients, and the industry.

From day one, Buddy demanded innovation and embraced technology. With this visionary insight, he has committed numerous financial resources to ensure that it can deliver cutting-edge information tools to both its agents and clients.

At Emory Hill Residential Real Estate , we hire only dedicated people. Our greatest asset is our sales force and the team that supports them. Each member of the Emory Hill Residential Real Estate team has embraced and embodies the values and philosophies of this company.

The sales associates and staff of Emory Hill Residential Real Estate, offer each and every client a promise of unparalleled excellence as they work to become your lifelong real estate partner. They live up to this promise by providing the best services, exercising their best ethics, supported by exceptional technological advantages.

Emory Hill Residential Real Estate seeks not only to meet your immediate real estate needs, but to create a relationship that you can rely on to meet any future real estate needs. This relationship is comprised of trust, mutual respect and an awareness of the unique importance of each and every client.